EA Sports FC Mobile New Challenge Mod TOTY

FCMobile TOTY New Challenge Review

EA Sports FC, a popular mobile game, has introduced a new challenge mod for its users. This new mod is called TOTY (Team of the Year) and is an extension of the popular FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode. In TOTY, users can build their dream team with the best players from around the world. They can also compete against other users in TOTY tournaments and win exciting rewards.

The TOTY challenge mod introduces new gameplay features and mechanics, such as the ability to trade player cards, and new types of cards, such as the TOTY cards that represent the best players of the year. Users can also test their skills in TOTY-themed matches, where they can earn extra coins, packs, and rewards for their TOTY team.

With TOTY, EA Sports FC has added new content and challenge, keeping its users engaged with the game.

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